Safetyblocks product specifications

Reinforced concrete for maximum strength and resilience. SafetyblocksTM cannot be moved without a forklift or heavy equipment. Each block has 4 approved stainless-steel lifting eyes at the top and 2 recesses at the bottom for a forklift.

  • Cement-free AACM/Geopolymer binder technology results in an approximately 85% smaller CO2 footprint compared to traditional concrete.
  • A significantly higher maximum impact resistance (MIR) is achieved by using energy-absorbing fibres in the concrete mortar.
  • Safetyblocks are water and dirt repellent.
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH) 120 cm x 120 cm x 100 cm.
  • Weight (including plants): ± 2,600 kg.
  • Heavier and more robust than the uninspiring 160 cm x 160 cm x 80 cm Lego block.
  • Design: wood grain structure for a natural look.
  • Safetyblocks are finished with bevelled edges. This gives the design an even more refined look.
  • The underside of the SafetyblockTM is rubberised, which makes the blocks even more difficult to slide.
  • The blocks can be connected with a steel coupling profile.



  • Available in all desired RAL and NCS colours.
  • Various levels of protection for different effects (100, 75, 50 and 25%).



  • Add your own greenery that suits the environment and climate.
  • The blocks are equipped with a water drain to discharge excess water.
  • Safetyblocks include a water regulation system as standard to make sure the plants always get enough water.


Space for your company name

  • Safetyblocks can be decorated with logos or company characteristics, turning them into your company’s calling card.
  • Enough space for the installation of reflectors, instructions or advertising. Each block has 8 pre-drilled screw holes on each side.


Extra information 

  • Enough space for extra signs with instructions or rules for even more clarity.
  • Add reflective strips and other warning signs on Safetyblocks, so they stand out even more.