When can I use Safetyblocks? 
… In too many situations to mention! 


Public events

Safetyblocks are an ideal solution for the organisers of an event or festival. For example, a certain area can be fenced off for a demonstration or during a major protest. Safetyblocks are also ideal for regulating traffic on a busy site.

Safetyblocks increase the sense of safety. Visitors want to enjoy themselves and not worry about attacks or chaotic situations. Safetyblocks are therefore indispensable for securing and fencing off public spaces, but also for regulating visitors on various sites.


Public works

Guiding traffic during roadworks and large construction projects is of vital importance. To minimise inconvenience, it has to be clear to construction traffic what roads are accessible or inaccessible. In addition, access roads have to be closed to unauthorised persons. The same applies to construction sites. As for hazardous situations during roadworks, Safetyblocks simultaneously warn, block and guide traffic. The ideal solution for public works. 


Companies with large car parks

If you run a garden centre, a hardware store or a supermarket with a large car park, or manage an event hall, with thousands of visitors at the same time, how do you make sure that you can fence off certain areas and guide traffic in others? You could use crowd control barriers or signs, but that obviously doesn’t make your site look any nicer. Safetyblocks, on the other hand, do improve the appearance thanks to their traditional wood grain structure, which makes them look like beautiful, elegant flower boxes. We can supply them with greenery. so you brighten up your site and regulate traffic at the same time. 


Amusement parks and holiday parks

Amusement parks, zoos, leisure pools, campsites and holiday parks all have to cope with crowds of people throughout the year. Parking has to be safe every day. In addition, certain access roads for staff, ambulances and suppliers have to be closed professionally, so emergency solutions such as fences and signs are not an option here. If you’re looking for something that will permanently improve the aesthetics of your site, Safetyblocks are a great option. Attractive ornate containers with beautiful greenery. Your visitors can already start enjoying your premises outside.

Safetyblocks are also very useful inside a park. The zookeepers’ entrances at a zoo can be closed professionally by a Safetyblock with plants that perfectly match the surrounding greenery. A nicely decorated Safetyblock can also be a positive addition to the signage in a holiday park.