Buy or rent?

Your blocks in your storage

Do you always want to have your own Safetyblocks on standby, ready-to-use with logos, winter-resistant plants or warning signs especially designed for your company? No problem! You can buy blocks, so you always have enough in stock. You can then fence off your site(s), guide the traffic or block a passage at any given time.

Rent blocks for your project

If you haven’t got space to store the blocks, or don’t want these heavy objects in stock, or don’t want to buy them outright in one go, no problem! Simply rent the blocks, and pay for the period you use them. We can deliver them, put them into position and collect them when they’re no longer needed. That saves you a lot of heavy lifting and organisation.

What about if you want your own blocks in your own storage, but would prefer to have them put into position when you need them? That’s possible too. Whatever suits you best. 

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