The advantages of Safetyblocks in public places

Safetyblocks secure all access routes to an event in one fell swoop. The blocks are easy to identify and immediately recognised as a blockade. They can’t be removed by unauthorised persons, so they’re safer than using crowd control barriers and signs. 

In addition, government institutions (municipal authorities, provincial authorities, the government agency for public works and water management, forestry commission and water boards) and companies such as events agencies can buy or rent Safetyblocks. If Safetyblocks are rented, we can take care of all the transportation and putting them into position. So if you don’t have much storage space, or your budget doesn’t stretch to buying the blocks, or you simply don’t want the bother of shifting them, get us to take care of everything!


The advantages of Safetyblocks for your company?

Safetyblocks improve the appearance of your exterior. Do you want to block an entrance, exit or loading location? You could use fences or signs, but that doesn’t upgrade the look of your company. Have you considered a Safetyblock with plants? This enormous but attractive container with a wood grain structure exudes elegance and naturalness. It creates a green environment and improves the experience for those present in your outside area.


The advantages of Safetyblocks for your event?

Organising a large music festival or a car rally already involves more than enough worries. Fencing off the event is extremely important, and the safety requirements are high, so it’s advisable to use the best and most resistant material. The obvious choice are Safetyblocks. You don’t even have to buy the blocks, as they can be rented. We also arrange transportation and placement.


Four major performance upgrades for SafetyblocksTM

1. Functionality

  • The modular design can be adapted to various traffic situations and, if desired, higher levels of safety
  • The design offers greatly increased resistance to multiple impact and overturning by trucks or the like.

2. Aesthetics

  • The material is more colourfast, and the surface texture means any coatings adhere better and last longer.

3. Technical sustainability

  • The material is considerably more resistant in chemically aggressive conditions, so its service life is significantly longer.

4. Ecological sustainability

  • The material’s carbon footprint is up to 85% lower than traditional cement concrete (cfm. Ecochain and NIBE analyses), and is 100% recyclable.


This performance upgrade is based on:

1) Improved raw materials
Cement-free AACM/Geopolymer binder technology is used in combination with energy-absorbing fibre reinforcement, hybrid reinforcement and very dense aggregate.

2) The concrete contains energy-absorbing fibre reinforcement to achieve a higher maximum impact resistance (MIR)

3) More versatile design
Dynamic 3D modelling software is used where test results are retrofitted to calibrate design loads. Multifunctionality and modular expandability where, depending on the nature of the threat,
phased upgrades to higher levels of protection are possible.