What are Safetyblocks

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Obviously, heavy blocks restrict access. Safetyblocks can also be used to direct traffic to certain places where the right provisions have been made. This keeps things calm in places traffic heads to, on construction sites or event sites, or in the public space. Using Safetyblocks to guide traffic makes sure traffic travels in the right direction, and arranges access paths and parking bans in one fell swoop.




Ideal for public places

Safetyblocks can easily be deployed by municipal authorities, provincial authorities, the government agency for public works and water management, forestry commission or water boards. In short: any public works. Nowadays, crowd control barriers, security barriers or mobile signs are often used in such places. A Safetyblock is the perfect replacement for these products, which are in any case easy to push aside. Safetyblocks are much safer! Believe us, these blocks can’t simply be pushed out of the way. If you have no storage space, no problem; we’ll gladly arrange to put them into position and transport them.


A safe, attractive place

Besides public spaces, Safetyblocks are useful in other areas, such as company sites, car parks at amusement parks or the entrances to garden centres. After all, it’s very important that traffic is guided and visitor movements controlled in all these places.

Yet another advantage: Safetyblocks are also attractive. Visitors to a hardware store, event hall or amusement park don’t want to be confronted by a massive piece of concrete. Safetyblocks are available with a beautiful wood grain structure, which gives them the appearance of elegant wooden flower boxes. You can complete them with greenery, the perfect way to make your building or site safe and attractive. It adds up to a real improvement to the appearance of your exterior.


Warn or indicate the way

Safetyblocks are also available with warning signs, reflection strips and traffic instructions. These blocks stand out immediately, making them the ideal place to draw attention to something.


So choose ...

Whether you want an amazing giant plant pot that guides traffic and acts as a barrier at the same time, or a massive piece of concrete that prevents access to a site, and can be used again and again, a Safetyblock is the solution in both cases. 

We help you feel safe!!